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Our Mission: Horizons4Girls mentors, lighting a spark ~ that inspires the internal promise of each student as they fulfill their academic and personal goals.


We are recognized by the IRS as a 501c3, making all donations to Horizons4Girls tax deductible.

How does Horizons4Girls use donations?

Transportation Materials for art, crafts, etc. Admission and food for outings & trips Supplies Personal items for girls when needed Administrative costs - Less than 5%! (95+% of donations are used for "hands-on" items)

Amazing Economic Fact: Sheboygan County Prevention Policy Board stated: "Every $1 donated to us [ Horizons4Girls ] saves $9.60 in social services, counseling, and law enforcement". ~ Sheboygan County Prevention Policy Board

Stop bullying - one step at a time!

Horizons4Girls and Masters Gallery are taking action to stop bullying! You are invited to register for a virtual 5K, held during August 2021. Register now and start planning the fun ways you will move 3.1 miles during August! Click here to read more about the Stop Bullying campaign!

Registration is $20 and includes an event water bottle. Awards will include ribbons, medals, and door prizes!

Register below:

Click here to download the 5K pamphlet. It includes a registration sheet for those that would rather mail in a check; a sponsor sheet if you would like to personally raise funds to donate; and an activity log to track your progress!


Train one - Be one - in 2021!

For over 70% of the families we work with, English is a second language, and communication must be done through an interpreter. But still, H4G develops meaningful relationships.

One such story: Sexual abuse by a family member. Attempted suicide. Poor school attendance. Dysfunctional family life. But a relationship was built, a passion was followed, high school graduation realized, a summer of service work in AmeriCorp completed. College. Marriage. Family. That relationship, started years ago in high school, comes full circle as that student returns to share her insights as she now builds relationships with current students.

A $120 donation will make training resources available for a mentor for that critical 1st year as they start on this new venture. Or, why not make that New Year's resolution and join those volunteers learning to develop meaningful relationships with students at Horizons4Girls.

Entering their 10th year, H4G volunteers are trained to become certified mentors. Certified mentors develop long-term developmental relationships with their students, thus contributing to their success.

Search Institute research states, "We’ve known for decades that high-quality relationships are essential to young people’s growing, learning, and thriving—including for those young people who face serious stresses in their lives and in the world around them."

Give that special inspiration in 2021!

COVID UPDATE—Horizons4Girls continues working virtually with students, families and educators. Your support is MORE important than ever!

Give a special inspiration with a $120 donation!

Make a Difference Everyday!

We mentor 52 weeks of the year -- please consider a monthly gift to help us with our work.

Become a Study Buddy!

Just $7 per month feeds a student as they are mentored - a nourished mind works better!

Or Become a Mentoring Sustainer!

Just $19 per month provides training & support materials for a mentor - our mentors give of their & talent, we help with training and supplies.

Create Your Own Spark!

This option allows you to donate an amount you specify. Every penny helps support our mission and all donations are tax deductible!

Mail a Spark!

If you prefer to use a check please make them out to Horizons4Girls. Our mailing address is:

2136 Calumet Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081

We Believe In You

Horizons4Girls extends their gratitude to the MANY donors that make their work possible. Whether learning social, communication, study or life skills the message is is possible. When doing service work or just having fun, we know we matter. This is a great time to support us, please do it now right here.

Quick Facts About Investing in Our Students

$50.00 = One day of mentoring for a student (typically 3 hours with transportation for student to " from our location)
$75.00 = One field trip for 3 students
$150.00 = A professional presenter's 2 hour program for 10-15 students
$1750.00 = One semester of mentoring for a student (typically 4-5 days weekly)

Did you know?

Participation in Horizons4Girls is offered on a sliding scale, but NO girl is turned away.
Each student has a customized program plan to meet their needs and help them succeed in fulfilling their dreams.
$150.00 = A professional presenter's 2 hour program for 10-15 students
That includes all teaching/mentoring materials, staff training, field trips, travel, food for the girls and the insurance for what we do.

Consider sponsoring a week of mentoring $175 or even a day $35, for one student. And, consider checking the box to make it recurring..... $35 once a month means a lot as we work with our girls.

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Our Mission: Horizons4Girls mentors, lighting a spark ~ that inspires the internal promise of each student as they fulfill their academic and personal goals.

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We mentor 52 weeks of the year -- consider a monthly gift to help us with our work.