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4th of July Memories

03 Jul 2015

This 4th of July memories, both recent and long ago, come rushing back.

For 10 days in a row at 9am the ‘call of duty’ brought 3-6 students from Horizons4Girls to the former site of the Military Museum and Education Center as they assisted collecting and assembling donated items to return to families and donors as the doors were closed.  Maybe it has been the multiple visits to Rocky Knoll Nursing Home in Plymouth, as students interacted with residents and heard stories of service to country.  Maybe it was a student upon seeing my dad’s photo on the way honoring vets saying wow, your dad (a previous resident who served in World War II) was ‘hot’.  But when called looking for volunteers, I said, yes we will help, we will honor those that served by making sure their memory does not vanish forever.

Over 100 hours were given taking the lists of items given by donors/families and making sure that they could collect back those items ~ newspaper clippings, photos, medals, discharge papers, uniforms, medals and so much more.  The students got a snapshot of history…….history from long ago, World Wars, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War as well as more recent conflicts and wars.  I answered questions as best I could explaining what I remembered for World History Class.

I know all too well those memories, having been the family member that accepted the flag that draped my father’s coffin and took that and my father’s medals that included 2 silver stars and gave them to my son to pass on to my grandsons.

This 4th of July it is so important to remember those that in the past and still in the current times, make this country all it can be. Faith, our service dog stands at attention and says, “Say thank you to the brave, who keep this country free”.

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